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City of Choctaw considers passing resolution against State Question 777

August 16, 2016


August 15, 2016

by Crystal Price

This November Oklahoma residents will be voting on State Question 777, which will give farmers more power over what they can do with their land. However, some cities across the state fear this legislation could strip away some of their rights to protect their citizens.

The city of Choctaw will consider passing a resolution against State Question 777 at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting. While supporters of the state question call it the Right to Farm bill, the mayor of the city of Choctaw calls it something else. “This is really a ‘lose your right act,’” said Randy Ross, mayor of the city of Choctaw. If the question 777 were to pass, it would stop the Legislature from passing laws that would take away farmers rights to engage in farming and ranching practices, unless there is compelling state interest.

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