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Republicans Convene in a City Rattled by Gun Violence

July 19, 2016

The Trace

July 18, 2016


The coronation of presumed presidential nominee Donald Trump begins Monday in a city that is regularly convulsed by gun violence.

In a recent 12-month period, ending June 30, at least 113 people were killed and 367 were injured in Cleveland. The gun homicide rate in the city over that time was 29 per 100,000 — roughly on par with levels of deadly violence in Colombia, Brazil, and South Africa. (The gun homicide rate in Chicago in the past year was 19.3. In the U.S. as a whole, the overall homicide rate is around 3.8, according to 2013 data from the World Bank).

Not many people live in the downtown area around Quicken Loans Arena, where the convention will be held; even so, gun violence in the vicinity of the arena is not uncommon. In the last 12 months, at least 23 people have been shot, five fatally, within a one-mile radius of the venue, according to data compiled by the nonprofit Gun Violence Archive.

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