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Kansas House OKs bill prohibiting local ‘inclusionary zoning’ laws, nutrition labeling

May 2, 2016

Lawrence Journal-World

April 30, 2016

by Peter Hancock

The Kansas House passed a bill Saturday that takes away the authority of local governments to enact a host of laws or programs that many Republicans consider interference with free market economics. Senate Bill 366 is a conference committee bill that includes provisions of four bills that were passed, in different forms, by one or both of the legislative chambers.

One provision, which was aimed specifically at Lawrence, would prohibit local governments from enacting what are called “inclusionary zoning” laws that are aimed at promoting mixed-income neighborhoods by regulating the sale or resale price of a certain number of homes within a specified area. It’s a concept that has only been informally discussed among Lawrence officials, but it was enough to prompt the Kansas Association of Realtors to push for legislation blocking it.

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