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Slow down on property rights bills

January 11, 2016

Wisconsin – Journal Sentinel

January 7, 2016


The state Legislature is moving quickly on a slew of bills designed to advance the rights of property owners at the expense of local governments, community interests, the environment and potentially pieces of the state’s history, including its Native American heritage. Hearings were held this week in hopes of pushing through this agenda before the current session ends.

Legislators need to slow down, and make sure that each of these bills is in the public interest. Our support of property rights is second to none — after all, we are property owners — and we agree that there can be too much red tape when it comes to developing private property.

But we also believe that the common interest and public health should on occasion trump property rights, and that officials need to find the proper balance between those interests to avoid serious negative consequences. We also believe excessive red tape can be trimmed locally, without bills imposed by the Legislature on a statewide basis.

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