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New & Improved Preemption Map Updated, Optimized for Tablets

November 11, 2015

Updated Preemption MapMaintaining local authority is essential to both preserving democracy and protecting public health and safety. To that end, we’ve updated our state preemption map to document the growing threat of preemption in six areas:  smokefree lawse-cigarettesnutritionfactory farmspaid sick days and guns. Click on any of these six issues, or on your own state, to see the coast-to-coast impact of preemption on community health and safety.

Since the mid-1980s, preemption has been used to undermine grassroots movements across public health issues including tobacco, nutrition, housing and gun violence. But over the last few years, opponents of public health have dramatically accelerated the use of preemption to hinder public health. From e-cigarettes to paid sick days, more and more communities are threatened with losing their ability to protect their own residents. This not only undermines community health and safety, but it can kill effective grassroots movements before they even start.

In addition to the six issues tracked in our updated infographic, preemption is also a serious concern in dozens of other arenas including fracking, fire prevention and alcohol policy. Grassroots Change is planning to add these and other issues in future infographics.

See our updated preemption map.