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Illegal In L.A.: Chuck Michel On The Magazine Ban

November 25, 2015


November 24, 2015

We’ve covered the ordinance banning the possession of so-called “high-capacity” magazines in Los Angeles, but the details may be confusing to gun owners. The law is currently being challenged in court, but in the meantime it is considered illegal to own magazines holding more than ten rounds within city limits. We asked attorney Chuck Michel, California firearms expert and owner of Michel & Associates, to explain the current legal situation for our readers.

A1F Daily Staff: Could you give us a brief rundown of your role in the lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles for its ordinance banning “high-capacity” magazines?

Chuck Michel: In this suit, our office is representing six individuals who live in or around Los Angeles and the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA), including their tens of thousands of members who either reside in or travel through the city. We are also representing a majority of California sheriffs—30, to be exact—as well as the California Reserve Peace Officers Association and the Law Enforcement Alliance of America. These law enforcement officials and groups asked to join the suit to protect not only their own rights, but also the rights of residents in their jurisdictions who travel through Los Angeles. For example, California sheriffs often issue CCW permits that specifically authorize individuals to carry handguns that have magazines over 10 rounds. Under the ordinance, these individuals would be subject to criminal arrest and prosecution every time they pass through Los Angeles, even though they are carrying pursuant to a license that is supposed to be valid anywhere in the state.

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