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What Public Health Leaders Say About Preemption

April 14, 2015

Local governments are on the frontlines in the fight to protect public health and safety and set modern workplace standards. But as more communities try to enact local health, wage and workplace reforms, they are being blocked by state “preemption” laws that strip local governments of their law-making authority. That happens when state legislators interfere in the democratic process and stop the people of a local community from passing their own laws.
– Rockefeller Family Fund, Protecting Local Control: A Research & Messaging Toolkit

Our newest tool, What They Say About Preemption, features quotes from public health advocates, grassroots leaders and national organizations about the negative consequences of preemption and the importance of maintaining local control.

For the past six years, Grassroots Change has worked to track, educate and counter attempts to preempt local health and safety laws by state legislatures and the US Congress. Whether the issue is tobacco, nutrition, providing paid sick days, or violence prevention, the importance of maintaining local authority is critical in improving health outcomes at the community level. Preemption stops grassroots movement building in its tracks, as demonstrated by the Preemption Framework, which is a proven and effective method of creating positive, lasting health changes for all Americans.