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Fighting For Gun Control At State Level Is The New Arena For Firearm-Safety Advocates

January 13, 2015


January 9, 2015



With a new, Republican-controlled Congress, groups fighting for gun control are looking at an uphill battle at the federal level — because, for the majority of our national elected officials, the right to own an assault rifle is more important than safe access to abortion! But taking cues from the gay-marriage movement, groups are taking the fight for safer gun measures to the statesThe New York Times reported last week.


With a bit of rebranding and a growing purse, gun groups are turning toward state legislators rather than national representation that has largely gotten them nowhere. Even President Obama has all but abandoned his futile attempts to push through stricter regulations. And with bigger fish to fry (presumably after being shot), Congress is unlikely to entertain legislation that would even scratch the surface on even the simplest of improvements such as better background checks.

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