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How food connects us all

December 17, 2014

December 14, 2014

by Liza Field

Food connects. Person to person, people to planet.

Everyone eats, no matter of what political persuasion, religion, race or old codified dispute. Food offers one thing even squabbling humans can exchange agreeably. That’s borderline miraculous, in these contentious times.

“No politics or religion,” my sister-in-law instructed her liberal kids one past Thanksgiving, before their conservative cousins arrived. “No immigration or fracking. No solar tech or Tar Sands. And please, no weather!”

Weather? Hearing this humorous etiquette remix amazed me. Hadn’t weather always provided people our most innocent, connective topic? Rain, snow, creeks and tides were at one time our common, obvious reality, not a fractious debate.

But today, we don’t share much reality from the world outside the door. We’re indoors, downloading mass-produced information from afar — little of it intended to convey reality.

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