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Preemption: The Growing Threat to Grassroots Movements

November 14, 2013

Check out our interactive map on preemption.

The threat of preemption across public health continues to grow as proponents become more aggressive and sophisticated. At the state level, industry lobbyists are increasingly promoting preemption in several public health arenas at the same time. In Wisconsin lobbyists representing chain restaurants promoted statewide preemption of both local nutrition policies and paid sick day ordinances during the same 2-year period.

As part of Grassroots Change’s ongoing mission to educate the public health community about the challenges to building grassroots movements, we’ve created a new preemption map documenting state preemption in four areas: guns, tobacco, paid sick days, and food. In addition to the issues we highlight, preemption has been used to undermine grassroots movements in dozens of other health and safety issues, ranging from alcohol policy to fire prevention. Click on any of the four issues on our map to see the coast-to-coast impact of state preemption.