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Preemption: A Growing, Calculated Threat to Democracy

April 17, 2013

Vicki Shabo, Director of Work and Family Programs for the National Partnership for Women & Families, wrote this important blog about a current wave of state preemption laws that threaten the national movement for local laws requiring businesses to provide paid sick days to their employees. The full post will appear on the Grassroots Change website shortly as a guest blog.

From Vermont and New York City to Washington state, momentum and support for paid sick days policies are high. More than a dozen campaigns are working across the country to advance paid sick days and, last month, we celebrated victories in Portland and Philadelphia when city councils in those cities approved paid sick days measures. But with the great success of paid sick days and other pro-worker policies has come a disturbing trend: State-level legislation designed to prevent cities and counties from passing their own paid sick days standards and other workplace protections.

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