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The Answer is Grassroots Movement Building

February 5, 2013

USA Today recently published a story that quoted Grassroots Change‘s Director Mark Pertschuk on the similarities between the tobacco industry and gun lobby’s dirty tricks. According to Pertschuk, these include “suppressing information, blocking research, targeting individual scientists and pushing for state laws that prohibit cities and counties from passing their own gun measures.”

In the same article, USA Today reported that “many say that passing even modest gun-safety measures will be an uphill battle.”

But a more accurate statement would be that passing meaningful gun laws in Washington will be an uphill battle.  The gun lobby remains a powerful force in DC.  As in the case of so many other public health issues, the path to passing meaningful laws that prevent gun deaths and injuries lies outside of the Beltway or state capitols.

Is it possible to build a powerful, national grassroots movement for gun control? Yes!  Grassroots Change believes that whenever there are passionate advocates such as Toby Hoover, and the resources to help them manage effective campaigns, the potential for building an effective grassroots movement is only limited by our own will to succeed.

Grassroots Passion + Strategy + Capacity – That is the formula for success that worked to beat the tobacco industry, and it’s the same formula that can beat the NRA.