• Paid Sick Days Champions Expect More Wins in 2015

    The national movement for paid sick days started in 2003, when a small group of advocates for low-wage women wanted to build on the nation’s first paid family leave law, passed in California in 2002. But the group knew it also needed to promote protections for routine, short-term sicknesses for …

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  • Crownover’s vote betrays community

    By Adam Briggle, DentonRC.com, May 19, 2015 Denton’s state Rep. Myra Crownover voted recently for House Bill 40, a piece of legislation that will kill Denton’s fracking ban. Yes, the same ban her constituents overwhelmingly approved in the November election. Then she had the nerve to turn around and tell us …

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    Credit: Frack Free Denton:http://frackfreedenton.com/photos/
  • Texas remains center of preemption debate, now over low-income housing

    Texas is the current “ground zero” for state preemption of local authority on issues including fracking, plastic bags, guns and smokefree ordinances. The latest development is state interference with a proposed local affordable housing ordinance in Dallas. The Texas Senate passed SB 267 in early April. It would restrict local …

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    "Project Row house studios" by Hourick (Creative Commons)