• What Public Health Leaders Say About Preemption

    Local governments are on the frontlines in the fight to protect public health and safety and set modern workplace standards. But as more communities try to enact local health, wage and workplace reforms, they are being blocked by state “preemption” laws that strip local governments of their law-making authority. That …

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  • Preempting Civil Rights

    by Michael G. Bare Program Manager/ Policy Analyst Preemption Watch; a program of Grassroots Change   “The nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender civil rights group, Human Rights Campaign… wants to see language added to the ‘Religious Freedom Restoration Act’ that explicitly says that these laws cannot be used …

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  • 2015 County Health Rankings: Local Communities Rally to Improve Health

    “Health is more than simply having access to medical care,” said Julie Willems Van Dijk, co-director of the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, which provides an annual snapshot of health in every county in the country. “Health is about education, employment, community safety and having safe roads to drive on, …

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    Children paint a wall along the Belden Trail, another component of increasing active living in Brownsville, TX.
Photo credit: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Guest Blog: Why Local Control Matters

    By Adam Briggle, Denton Drilling Awareness Group Photo Credit (slider): Frack Free Denton The Denton fracking ban has sparked an important discussion about the political authority of municipalities and the role of citizens’ initiatives in a democracy. This is often couched under the label of local control, a core value …

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