• Guest Blog: Why Local Control Matters

    By Adam Briggle, Denton Drilling Awareness Group Photo Credit (slider): Frack Free Denton The Denton fracking ban has sparked an important discussion about the political authority of municipalities and the role of citizens’ initiatives in a democracy. This is often couched under the label of local control, a core value …

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    Credit: Frack Free Denton:http://frackfreedenton.com/photos/
  • How corporate lobbies are trying to delay justice

    by Ellen Bravo, executive director of Family Values @ Work We’ve all seen a toddler who realizes they’re losing the game and knocks all the pieces to the floor. It doesn’t change the outcome – that kid still loses. But the other players realize there’ll be an unfair delay of …

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    Credit: Flickr user Doug Geisler
  • Grassroots Movement Building: In Their Own Words

    Grassroots movements provide an opportunity for everyone to have a voice in what our society looks like – it’s at the core of what a democracy can and should be. – Shannon Frattaroli, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, “Grassroots Power and the Future of Public Health” Since 2009, Grassroots …

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    Creating increased health outcomes through grassroots movement building.
  • Govern Yourselves, State Lawmakers Tell Cities, but Not Too Much

    The New York Times, 2/24/15 By Shaila Dewan Darren Hodges, a Tea Party Republican and councilman in the windy West Texas city of Fort Stockton, is a fierce defender of his town’s decision to ban plastic bags. It was a local solution to a local problem and one, he says, …

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