• Preemption Update – The Rising Tide Revisited

    In November 2014, we posted our state preemption predictions for the 2015 legislative sessions. We based our predictions on the history of state preemption strategy and on trends in preemption legislation filed or adopted in 2014 and earlier. We also considered past experience with industry lobbyists and front groups, as …

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    Texas State Capital_Ed Schipul
  • New & Improved Preemption Map Updated, Optimized for Tablets

    Maintaining local authority is essential to both preserving democracy and protecting public health and safety. To that end, we’ve updated our state preemption map to document the growing threat of preemption in six areas:  smokefree laws, e-cigarettes, nutrition, factory farms, paid sick days and guns. Click on any of these six issues, or on your own state, …

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    Preemption Map nutrition screenshot
  • #BlackLivesMatter: A Call to Action for All Health Advocates

    By Kerry Sakimoto, The Greenlining Institute The genesis of the #BlackLivesMatter movement has forced this nation to confront the reality of anti-Blackness in structures and institutions in our society – a reality that many of us have the privilege to ignore and often benefit from. I remember hearing about the death[s] of …

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  • Lessons from the Successful Movement for Paid Sick Days

    On October 14, Grassroots Change hosted a Twitter chat to capture and share lessons and strategies from the successful national movement for paid sick days. The chat featured three key leaders from the movement: Ellen Bravo of Family Values @ Work, Melissa Josephs of Women Employed, and Vicki Shabo of …

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